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The one-on-one initial consultation is the foundation of the process of creating a beautiful and unique piece for you to treasure.  The more information provided at this point, the better!


No matter what the occasion, if you have an outfit in mind, have pictures ready to show me.  If you have a scrap of material or embellishment details that can be tied in or reflected in the design, bring it in. Significant trinkets, inspiration pictures? Bring them in too - It all helps towards creating an desirable item personal to you.


This part is especially important if you are a bride-to-be looking for bespoke hair decoration or jewellery.  In our initial consultation you can expect me to ask for as many details about your wedding as possible to establish an overall picture of what you are about and what your vision is:


Details relevent to your personal style -

hair style, wedding dress, embellishments, accompanying jewellery...


Other details that may have an influence on the design -

style of wedding, location, flowers, colour palette, bridesmaids dresses...


We will keep in touch throughout the process to ensure that you are completely happy with your final piece.  This ensures that together with your ideas we create something unique to you and your vision for your special day.  See past commissions & designs in the Gallery.


If we are unable to meet in person, that isn't a problem.  The initial consultation will take place over the phone where we will discuss your needs and which creative direction to take.  Any images can be e-mailed or posted to me.  I will of course return to you any personal items not used that you may wish to keep.





After our initial consultation I will review the details of the brief inc. budget, time frame and requirements of the project in order to outline the costings that can be expected.  Once this is agreed upon, an initial deposit of 50% of the estimated total cost will be requested.  Unfortunately due to the time and cost involved in the next stage of the process, the deposit is non-returnable.  Review Starting Price Structure.





Design and creation will begin as soon as possible after the deposit has been received.  Depending on the nature & complexity of the piece requested, further design ideas may be exchanged at  points throughout the design and makeup process.  This may include inspiration boards, a selection of design ideas in the form of sketches, photography or graphic illustrations.  This ensures that the final design is perfect for you!


N.B. For category A & B requests & especially bridal accessory requests bare in mind that in general, the more time allowed for sourcing components, creating designs and construction; the better the result will be. Order with as much advance notice as possible - ideally no less than 6 weeks prior to the event!





Once the design has been finalised, constructed and you are entirely happy with it, a final invoice will be sent to you with any additional charges e.g. post & packaging if required, minus the deposit initially paid.  As soon as this has been settled your bespoke piece will be packaged beautifully and handed over to you to finally enjoy!