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As well as our online boutique, Covet offers a bespoke service, creating unique personal designs for all occasions; a cocktail party, evening do, a day at the races, a wedding, or other special event.


If you own a lovely item that you would like to incorporate into a wearable accessory or as part of your bridal bouquet, please don't hesitate to get in touch and discuss ideas.


The pricing structure outlined below is an indication of starting prices.  Prices will vary for each individual commission and discussed more fully in the Initial Consultation.


All bespoke pieces should ideally be ordered a minimum of 6 weeks prior to an event, however last minute creations may be possible



Pricing Categories




Category D: up to £20*


slight adjustments and variations to existing designs, hairclips will generally fall under this category  

Pricing will reflect the requirements of the piece

includes free consultation


Category C: from £20


earrings, rings, small pins will generally fall under this category

includes free consultation


 Category B: from £40


necklaces, bracelets, pins, brooches will generally fall under this category

include free consultation


Category A:  from £60


fascinators, hair combs, hair jewels, bridal accessories will generally fall under this category

includes free consultation






* In some cases, where the cost of the item and time required to make it is minimal, I will create the item and place it in on the website boutique available for you to purchase as a regular shop item.






For the next step see Initial Consultation & Process page.


To request your commission please get in touch via our Contact page.