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Covet jewellery and accessory pieces are designed with elegance and uniqueness in mind.


Each piece uses a variety of specially sourced elements such as vintage components and miniature objet d'art and may be combined with beautiful feathers, textiles, wools and silks, beads, pearls and crystals.  Each design is limited in number and every one delightful.


Because of the nature of the components used, many of the pieces you see will be one-offs or limited in number.   This process of re-inventing and re-working components goes hand in hand with Covet's general ethos of upcycling and preference for working with natural fibres and textures.


Feathers are sourced from ethical suppliers where they are naturally dropped from the bird and cleaned by chemical-free processes.  Paper based products and packaging are recycled and reused.  We don't like to waste anything here and will always find a good use for the odd bits and bobs that are left over the studio.





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